slim chance of being movie stars đŸ˜‰

My mom told me a few weeks ago about an opportunity to be an extra in a film that they were filming in Michigan. The website compares the movie to a predictable Hallmark movie. haha I love that. It mentioned how a girl from NYC goes back home to help run a Hotel. She gets […]


My word for 2020 was strength. I did not think I was the type to pick a word for the year, but yet here I was staring at the list of words given to me at the children’t ministry Friendsgiving event. Each word had verses that spoke God’s character and promises. Staring at it, I […]

Choosing What is Better

I absolutely love using car rides to connect with God, through prayer and through worship music! I also like to get places early because I really dont like being late if I can help it loll I was in my car waiting to go into work, I was listening to music and I began looking […]

Prayer Team

Last June, I was able to go on a missions trip to Northern Ireland.I am so grateful for the many things that God showed me, reminded me and taught me during the trip. Toward the end of our time there, the church we had been working with during Street Reach, held a community barbecue and […]

Excited To Read the Bible

The Bible is all woven together to make a wonderful book about His plan for salvation despite mankind’s many shortcomings. These are some things that have helped me in my bible reading. 1.) Highlight and Underline A) It helps you stay attentive. B) You can flip through your Bible and look at the verses you […]

-My favorite prayer-

I’ve learned some awesome things about prayer over past years.. I have also discovered my favorite thing to pray for.(: Before, I would thank God for all he has done for me and I would ask Him for extremely specific things. What I now realize, is that by being extremely specific, I was putting God […]

-Why I love keeping a prayer Journal-

I started keeping a prayer journal about three years ago. It is an awesome thing to be able to read and see what God has been doing in my life over a long period of time. I’ve found that writing/reading through my prayer journal, REALLY helps me surrender my wants and desires to God. What […]

About Me

Hey hey! My name is Melanie.Welcome to my blog. đŸ™‚ When I was 10 years old, I started keeping a daily journal. The journal writing fizzled out a few years later, but my love for recording my thoughts and experiences has not…